Inorganic Elemental Analysis

Elementar’s user-friendly inductar® series for inorganic elmental analysis uses the high-temperature combustion method to determine elemental concentrations of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen and is the ideal solution for R&D, routine and high-throughput laboratories.

Through quantitative high temperature decomposition, solid or liquid substances are changed into gaseous combinations. The gas mixture is cleaned, separated into its components and through efficient detectors determined with a precision and accuracy of up to 0.1% relative.

Most important is the lare dynamic range of detection, from < 0.01 to 100%. This range is even possible when there is a great difference in relative concentrations (i.e. trace nitrogen in the presence of high carbon content). ELEMENTAR analyzers also feature very large sample size capabilities from < 1mg up to several grams.

The table below shows the main differences of the inductar® series for inorganic elemental analysis:

Analyzer Type of Analysis Field of Analysis Type of Sample Quantity of Sample
inductar® CS cube C,S Materials solid Up to 1 g
inductar® ONH cube O, N, H Materials solid Up to 1 g
inductar® EL cube C, S, O, N, H Materials solid Up to 1 g