Gas Chromatography

GC/MS has been widely heralded as a golden standard for substances identification in complex compound. Abacus Analytical Systems GmbH is distributor in the region of ukraine for GC/MS systems.

Don’t let your gas chromatograph (GC) become obsolete when your lab’s mission changes to meet new markets or new regulations. Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300 Series GC systems can instantly change as your needs evolve.

A revolution in design, the system’s Instant Connect Injectors and Detectors allow you to reconfigure your GC system in a matter of minutes, without costly on-site service. Simply insert the module of choice for your application. And you never need to take your system offline for routine maintenance again. Swap Instant Connect modules so that your GC continues running with one module, while maintenance is performed on the other.

TRACE 1300 Gas Chromatograph

The simplest GC platform, the Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300 GC is dedicated to routine, high-throughput environments where fast instrument familiarization is required. This affordable solution, with full control via a PC workstation, is ideal for QA/QC laboratories when minimal instrument interaction is desired.

TRACE 1310 Gas Chromatograph

A high-end GC platform, the Thermo Scientific TRACE 1310 GC has an advanced touchscreen user interface for direct instrument control and method development. It provides prompt access to advanced functions such as maintenance procedures, run log tracking, and video tutorials with multi-language capability.

Highly versatile, both GC platforms are easy to use and deliver high performance and productivity, whether used as standalone instruments or when connected to a Thermo Scientific mass spectrometry (MS) system.

Discover its innovation and benefits

  • Truly modular GC to fit workload requirement
  • Full range of user-exchangeable Instant Connect injectors and detectors
  • GC oven design for exceptional throughput

  • Simplified preventive maintenance for extended productivity
  • Compatible with standard consumables for reduced cost of ownership
  • True Helium gas savings during operation